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"I want to express my sincere thanks to Mr. D's employees for the excellent job your did putting in our curb trap. I didn't think I needed a new one, until they used their underground camera to show that the main line had be crushed by a tree root." -Julia N.

"Excellent. Mr. D's Plumbing is a class act. The estimate process was excellent, and the actual work project went very smoothly. I would recommend uing Mr. D's Plumbing to everyone, and I have a great deal of experience with using plumbers. Their prices were reasonable as well." -Jacob T.

"I highly recommend Mr. D's services thanks to their excellent job. They just installed a hot water tank for us, and no one could beat their price. They gave us an immediate response, they were professional, and surprisingly there was no mess left in our house. Thanks for the hard work!" -Ron H.

"In emergency situations, Mr. D's is definitely the place to go. Me and my family came home from vacation, and seen that a pipe had bust during our trip. We immediately called Mr. D's services. Not only will they make you a priority, they are also the most honest company to work with. I will always recommend Mr. D's services to my friends and family!" -Gary S.

"Mr. D's gave great and fast service. The plumber was very friendly. We are new to the area. This is the only plumber we will call in the future." -Amanda H.

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